47 Amazing CSS3 Animation Demos - Web Designer Wall — Here is a compilation of 47 jaw-dropping CSS3 animation demos. They demonstrate the possibilities of the CSS3 transform and transition property. Some are very useful and can be used as Javascript alternatives. Most of them are simply to look cool. In order to veiw these effects, you need a webkit browser such as Safari and […]



CSS Tooltip - W3Schools — Tooltip Arrows. To create an arrow that should appear from a specific side of the tooltip, add "empty" content after tooltip, with the pseudo-element class ::after together with the content property. The arrow itself is created using borders.



CSS Triangles - David Walsh Blog — While most folks gained their first excitment using CSS triangles to dispose of images, now the fun part is with CSS3 and actually using the same border arrow trick , but this time with the border image property to texturize the triangles in 3D, to make cool egyption pyramids.



Can I use Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc — The caniuse browser scores are tallies of all features tracked on caniuse (excluding those marked as "unofficial"). The fully opaque part represents supported features, the semi-transparent part represents partial support.



Arrow Side Menu - Dynamic DriveArrow Side Menu. Arrow Side Menu is a vertical list based menu that uses a single background image to create 3 distinct state. Headers that contain sub contents are activated via "clickgo" of the mouse.What this means is that each header is hyperlinked, with the link not disabled.When you click on such a header, first, the sub content expands, then, the user is taken to the URL specified in



Transition Effect with CSS Masks | Codrops — View demo Download source. Today we’d like to show you how to create an intriguingly simple, yet eye-catching transition effect using CSS Masks.Together with clipping, masking is another way of defining visibility and composite with an element.