eBay Australia Bans Amazon FBA Shipments - esellercafecom — Local Retailers Don’t Trust Amazon, Says eBay’s Local Boss. From a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald, Tim Mackinnon, Managing Director of eBay Australia and New Zealand stated that he believes local retailers do not trust Amazon.. He also explains that eBay is a pure marketplace and that retailers are worried about Amazon using their sales data to compete against them.


The A-Z of Importing into Australia Duty/GST/Customs — Written by a LICENSED CUSTOMS BROKER this guide explains (in simple terms) all the Customs & Quarantine requirements for importing into Australia. As most eBay Sellers ship their goods via EMS / Parcel


Amazon: eBay, Australia Post target Amazon with new Australia Post and eBay have teamed up to go head-to-head with Amazon by offering online retailers a storage, "pick and pack" and delivery service they say will pip the newly arrived e-commerce


10 eBay Scams to Be Aware Of - Technology, SimplifiedeBay is such a great idea, and I’ve had good experiences using the site, but the growing prevalence of scammers has turned it into a shady marketplace. I don’t feel safe on eBay and neither should you. But sometimes you don’t have a choice. As a buyer, some items can only be found on eBay, and