You Can Now Use Facebook Messenger without a Facebook Account — A lot of people feel the standalone Facebook Messenger app was unnecessary, but there’s actually a lot of useful features and functionality built into it.Today, Facebook made Messenger even more


Platform Policy - Facebook for Developers — 4. Encourage proper use. Respect the way Facebook looks and functions. Don't offer experiences that change it. If you’re building an app with a personalized or social experience, enable people to easily share on Facebook content they've created.


How to Use FaceBook Messenger on Mac OS X via Messages AppFacebook Messenger is a popular means of communicating, but the Mac doesn’t have a dedicated Facebook messaging app like the iPhone or Android does… or does it!?! Indeed, you can use Facebook Messenger to message friends from OS X, and in moments you can set up the Mac Messages app to function


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10 Facebook Messenger Tips and Tricks | Time — You can summon a ride without having to leave Facebook Messenger. Just tap the transportation icon toward the bottom of the screen. If you don’t see the symbol, which looks like a car, press the


MQTT used by Facebook Messenger | MQTT — Mosquitoes! Rabbits! Facebook! Portals! (news round-up) MQTT: MQ Telemetry Transport September 13th, 2012 […] year after Facebook first went public about their use of MQTT within Facebook Messenger, the new native iOS Facebook app also credits the libmosquitto library and their blog post mentions […]