When to Use Git Merge vs Git Rebase - 0xADADA — This article will attempt to provide an overview to the different workflows, and explain when merge and rebase are the more appropriate workflow to use.



Git team workflows: merge or rebase? | Atlassian Git Tutorial — The question is simple: In a software team using git and feature branching, what's the best way to incorporate finished work back to your main line of development? It's one of those recurring debates where both sides have strong opinions, and mindful conversation can sometimes be hard (for other



10 things I hate about Git | Steve Bennett blogsGit doesn’t so much have a leaky abstraction as no abstraction. There is essentially no distinction between implementation detail and user interface. It’s understandable that an advanced user might need to know a little about how features are implemented, to grasp subtleties about various commands.



Release notes – TortoiseGit – Windows Shell Interface to Git — Release notes = Release 2.7.0 = Released: 2018-08-19 == Changes == * Git (for Windows) 2.11 or newer is now required == Features == * Fixed issue #3186: Bisect skip missing on dialogs and in automation and bisect docs * Fixed issue #3188: Add progress support for submodule clone * Fixed issue #3212: With Detached Head, Push Dialog has Local Branch filled with HEAD or Commit Hash * Fixed issue



FPM: Utilitats - francescpinyolcat — MS Windows 2000/NT i Linux: A la instal·lació de Linux: posar el Lilo a la partició principal de Linux (NO al Master Boot Record). Si teniu problemes perquè la vostra partició comença en un cilindre més gran que 1024, proveu a afegir l'opció lba32 (una línia sola, cap al principi) al fitxer /etc/llilo.conf.; Des de Linux: si la partició principal és, per exemple /dev/hda7 :



MCSDK UG Chapter Exploring - Texas Instruments Wiki — Boot Monitor Build instructions. To build boot monitor code, first clone the git repository as $ git clone git://git.ti.com/keystone-linux/boot-monitor.git $ cd boot



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