Merge Pull Requests without Merge Commits | Shing's Blog — Mar 25, 2018 By default, GitHub's pull request (or GitLab's merge request) will merge with Under the hood, GitHub and GitLab's “merge” button uses the --no-ff and GitLab allows you to do the fast-forward (and squash) merge on it's UI.


Git: To squash or not to squash? // James Cooke // Brighton-based Nov 19, 2013 For a simple project with no sharing between devs required and regular Use git rebase to squash your features' commits into a candidate branch and merge . d0445b2 HEAD@{0}: merge feature-a-candidate: Fast-forward 


Why you should stop using Git rebase – Fredrik V Mørken – Medium — Sep 15, 2017 Merging feature to master is now a fast-forward merge, because all Compared to the merge approach, the resulting history is linear with no divergent branches. but as long as there are no merge conflicts, the rebase process will . squash commits in a feature branch to one, and merge with a merge