Iridium GO! Review For Sailing Cruisers - Catamaran GuruIridium GO! Review For Sailing Cruisers. Need to stay connected while at sea? If you are working while cruising like we are, the answer is YES! Many cruising sailors struggle with finding a workable and affordable solution for communications while at sea or in remote locations.


Iridium GO! Review—6 Myths Busted and a Purchase — Few pieces of new gear have created more buzz in the offshore cruising community than the Iridium GO!. And there have also been few pieces of gear that have been surrounded with as many myths and as much confusion as the GO!. John busts the myths and analyzes the benefits of buying an Iridium GO!.


Iridium GO! and UUPlus, Real World Use Review — I have already written extensively about Iridium hardware (both GO! and handsets) based on our extensive usage since we bought our first Iridium handset back in 2002. This summer we are cruising Labrador, far from cell phone coverage, so we have once again pressed Iridium into service, both to stay


Review: Iridium's GO! Wi-Fi–Based Satellite Phone Device — Ryan Huetter, Certified AMGA Rock Guide, reviews the Iridium GO!Wi-Fi–based satellite-phone device. As working guides in the backcountry, we have become increasingly reliant on the technology that goes into our guiding packs.


Iridium GO! 9560 Satellite Terminal with Wi-Fi Hotspot (No Iridium go! enables satellite connectivity for your mobile devices where terrestrial networks cannot. Simply Flip up the integrated antenna and the battery-powered unit connects quickly and automatically to the Iridium Leo satellite Constellation to create an anywhere Wi-Fi hotspot within approximately a 30.5 meter (100 foot) radius.


Iridium GO! - Testimonials and Reviews - Ground ControlIridium GO Reviews Have a GO? Please submit your short review to Review by Marc E. - August 19, 2014 The GO device looks to be working fine. From my viewpoint, it is robust feeling, good size, good accessories. Battery depletes fast and the Wi-Fi is consuming on smartphone battery as well.