Ocean Cleanup Of Plastic Pollution In The Great Pacific Garbage — Jan 5, 2019 Four months into its testing phase, the Ocean Cleanup's It travels with wind and wave propulsion, like a U-shaped Pac-Man . Inventor Boyan Slat presented a prototype of The Ocean Cleanup project on June 22, 2016.


Ocean Cleanup's Giant 'Pac Man' To Start Scooping Up Plastic — Sep 10, 2018 A giant barrier designed to collect up the ocean’s rubbish will begin testing this week off the coast of San Francisco. The brainchild of 23-year-old dutch inventor Boyan Slat, Ocean Cleanup’s System 001 is effectively a long floating boom which scoops up the rubbish found


The Ocean Cleanup dispatches 'giant Pac-Man' to remove plastic — Oct 29, 2018 The Ocean Cleanup dispatches 'giant Pac-Man' to remove plastic from for the project for several weeks after the floating device is deployed.


Giant Pac-Man system could help eat up ocean plastic pollution — Jul 24, 2018 Ocean Cleanup is working on deploying a huge Pacman-like sweeper designed to collect floating plastic in the Garbage Patch.


Ocean Cleanup Project Is Ready To Launch Giant “Pac-Man” To — A giant “Pac-man” is about to go chomping in the Pacific Ocean and it's sitting at San Francisco harbor just finishing some last-minute tune-ups. The autonomous  


'Giant Pac-Man' prepares to eat into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch — Sep 10, 2018 The Dutch non-profit group, The Ocean Cleanup, last weekend towed its will " act like a giant Pac-Man" as it drifts with the wind and waves, $30 million into the project compared with other conservation issues such as